Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Log-In

  • I am a first-time user of LC Online. How do I get a username and password?
    If you have not received your username and password directly from the Alumni Office, select New User Registration, and follow the instructions for creating a new account.
  • I am a returning user but have forgotten my username and/or password. How can I acquire one or both?
    On the LC Online login page, select Forgotten Username/Password, and follow the prompts to retrieve your username and reset your password.  Users will need to provide the email address that Loomis Chaffee has on record.
  • I have followed instructions on this page but am still having trouble logging in. Who should I contact?
    Please contact the Alumni Office at or at 860 687 6277.

Directory Search

  • What is the best way to find a particular alumna/us?
    Once you are in the Directory, type in the person’s name you are seeking.  If you know the class year, add that in the Class of field.
  • Can I search for an alumna by her maiden name?
    Yes. Enter the maiden name in the field labeled “Maiden name.”
  • What other information can I search on?
    You can also search on city or state, school name (Loomis, Chaffee or Loomis Chaffee), business industry or organization name.

Updating Your Profile

  • How do I update my information?
    Once you have logged in to the Directory, select “My Profile.” Your information will be divided into one of six areas: Personal Information, Address  Information, Phones and Email, Business Information, Spouse/Partner Information, and User ID and Password.   You may edit each field directly.   Remember to select “Update” before exiting the page.
  • I would like to provide Loomis Chaffee with information but would prefer other alumni not see it. How do I do that?
    You have the option to hide all your personal information (except name). Each data field in your profile has a corresponding “Make private” box. If you would like to hide the information from public view, just enter a check mark in the box.
  • If I update my profile online, do I also have to call the Alumni Office with the changes?
    No. When you update online, the Alumni Office receives a message and uploads your online changes into its main database.
  • My name has changed. Can I update that change online? 
    No.  All name changes must be updated by Alumni Office staff. Please contact the office directly, at